荻野竜一/Ryuichi Ogino

荻野竜一/Ryuichi Ogino
アーティスト。東京都出身。1996年にスノーボードがきっかけで渡米。サンフランシスコのアートスクール(California College of the Arts)を卒業し2005年に帰国。主に絵画、彫刻、インスタレーションなどの視覚表現を行いながらグループ展の企画、Tractor(中目黒)、BnA(高円寺)、Bonobo(神宮前)にて定期的にDJイベントを開催。また近年はおおかみ再導入に向けた啓蒙活動にも取り組む。

Artist. Born in Tokyo. In 1996, Ogino moved to Colorado to take up snowboarding and study English. He then moved to the Bay Area and graduated from CCA (California College of the Arts) and returned to Tokyo in 2005.
Ogino mainly works in visual arts (paintings, sculptures and installations) but also curates group exhibitions and hosts regular DJ events at Tractor (Nakameguro), BNA (Koenji), and Bonobo (Jingumae).
In recent years, he has been involved with The Japan Wolf Association which raises awareness to reintroduce wolves to Japan.