2007.07.24 Tuesday
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Zeitgeist (movie)

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As I learn different perspectives on the world which we live in today, I have noticed the contradiction between my thought/ideal and my action/desire. There has been a huge struggle for me to overcome my wants (vices).

The seven blunders that human society commits and cause all the violence:
wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, education without character, business without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and politics without principle.

-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

2007.07.22 Sunday
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Art Tour Video

OGI Art Tour Video
By Chris Pew and Jafön Hakkinen

"Just uploaded our first entry into the world of online video feeds to Receiver Radio (subscribe!). It’s a video chat between curator Chris Pew and myself with an artwork tour from Ogi's last show My Life Is Your Problem, which showed here at Receiver last June. Thanks goes to our new intern Angus for shooting and editing it, and to Ogi for making the arts."

It should be noted that the track that used in the video is; "Mobb Deep / The Cure Mash" by Sharkey.

2007.07.21 Saturday
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from wikipedia

"These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymus Judas Thomas wrote down. And he said, 'Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death.'"

The Gospel of Thomas is a New Testament-era apocryphon completely preserved in a papyrus Coptic manuscript discovered in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. The book was bound in a method now called Coptic binding. Unlike the four canonical gospels, which combine narrative accounts of the life of Jesus with sayings, Thomas is a "sayings" text, a collection of logia, which takes the less structured form of a collection of sayings attributed to Jesus (including brief dialogues), the writing down of which is credited in the incipit to Didymus Judas Thomas. The words Didymus and Thomas are both translated "twin" giving emphasis to the name Judas, a derivative of Judah. The gospel does not have a narrative framework, nor is it worked into any overt philosophical or rhetorical context.

The gospel begins, "These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymus Judas Thomas wrote down." It should be noted that the word "Didymos" (Greek) and "Thomas" (Hebrew) both mean "Twin" and are not actually names; the presumption being that the reader of the original Greek text would not mistake the Hebrew word "Thomas" for a surname. The name of the person this gospel is attributed to is unclear, but may be the apostle Judas, who is called Thomas to distinguish himself from Judas Iscariot. Or he may be called the twin of Jesus to denote a state of spiritual sameness, referenced in Thomas v. 13, where Jesus says, "I am not your teacher. Because you have drank and become drunk from the very same spring from which I draw." If "Judas," is read as a derivative of, and referential to Judah, the opening of the gospel may allude to a direct communication from Christ (living Jesus) to Judah through "the twin," or earthly Jesus of Nazareth.

This relationship between "Judas Thomas" and Jesus is what distinguishes this gospel from the four other books in the Catholic canon. In the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), Jesus is a wise teacher, prophet or an anointed (christos) leader. The Gospel of John, apart from the Thomas gospel and the synoptic gospels, sees Jesus as a divine heir of the godhead and an object of worship. The events in the John gospel are rearranged and told differently than the other gospels perhaps to support and emphasize this view. In the Thomas gospel, Jesus is a spiritual role model, and he is offering everyone the opportunity to become (experience rebirth as) the anointed one (a Christ) as he is.

The Gospel of Thomas is mystical and emphasizes a direct and unmediated experience of the Divine through becoming a Christ. In Thomas v.108, Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become as I am; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him." Furthermore, salvation is personal and found through spiritual (psychological) introspection. In Thomas v.70, Jesus says, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not bring it forth, what you do not have within you will kill you." As such, this form of salvation is idiosyncratic and without literal explanation unless read from a psychological perspective related to Self vs. ego. In Thomas v.3, Jesus says,

...the Kingdom of God is within you...

In the other four gospels, Jesus is frequently called upon to explain the meanings of parables or the correct procedure for prayer. In Thomas v.6, his disciples asked him, "Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?" Jesus dismisses the relevance of the questions with his reply, "Don't lie, and don't do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain concealed;" correlating a state of unconflicted awareness with the external experience of the Real.

In contrast to the Gospel of John, where Jesus is likened to a feudal (albeit divine and beloved) Lord, the Thomas gospel portrays Jesus as more the ubiquitous vehicle of mystical inspiration and enlightenment. In Thomas v. 77 where Jesus said,

I am the light that shines over all things. I am everywhere. From me all came forth, and to me all return.
Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift a stone, and you will find me there,

In most other respects, the Thomas gospel offers terse yet familiar if not identical accounts of the sayings of Jesus as seen in the synoptic gospels.

2007.07.18 Wednesday
category: exhibitions & events

In a Foreign Land

Here are some pictures from the show and the opening night.
To purchase the art works, please visit Project Gallery.

noam claw
new pink

2007.07.15 Sunday
category: exhibitions & events

tonight is the night

The opening is tonight!

I'll take pictures at the opening and put them up, but for now, here are some random pics of my "tools."


2007.07.14 Saturday
category: exhibitions & events

getting ready

We are pretty much done installing the show! Getting ready for the opening tomorrow...

I think people at the gallery are taking me to a movie. Transformers! Sounds fun.

new painting

Click here for more pictures of the works.

2007.07.13 Friday
category: exhibitions & events

LA pt. 2

I'm staying at a motel which is pretty close from the gallery. It's very dark and ghetto, but I just go back there to sleep so that's ok. I go to the gallery at 9:00am and stay there and paint until 9:00pm. I'm beat by the time I get back to the motel...

motel 2
in progress 2

2007.07.12 Thursday
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in progress

It's been almost a week since I got here in LA for the next show, "In a Foreign Land" at Project gallery. It's a two man show with Yoskay Yamamoto.
I've been painting all day everyday since I got here...

Here are some pictures of the gallery and a work in progress.
I'll try to upload a couple of pics a day...

work table
in progress
project gallery

2007.07.03 Tuesday
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Two Openings in July

Yoskay Yamamoto and OGI: "In a Foreign Land"
opening reception: Saturday, July 14th, 7 - 11pm
Project Gallery
8545 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

"Tree Show III"
opening reception: July 14th, 6:30 - 10:00pm
618 Shrader St.
San Francisco, CA 94117


2007.07.02 Monday
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Joseph Campbell and Star Wars

from wikipedia

Campbell relied often upon the writings of Carl Jung as an explanation of psychological phenomena, as experienced through archetypes. But Campbell did not necessarily agree with Jung upon every issue, and had very definite ideas of his own.

A fundamental belief of Campbell's was that all spirituality is a search for the same basic, unknown force from which everything came, within which everything currently exists, and into which everything will eventually return. This elemental force is ultimately “unknowable” because it exists before words and knowledge. Although this basic driving force cannot be expressed in words, spiritual rituals and stories refer to the force through the use of "metaphors" - these metaphors being the various stories, deities, and objects of spirituality we see in the world. For example, the Genesis myth in the Bible ought not be taken as a literal description of actual events, but rather its poetic, metaphorical meaning should be examined for clues concerning the fundamental truths of the world and our existence.

Accordingly, Campbell believed the religions of the world to be the various, culturally influenced “masks” of the same fundamental, transcendent truths. All religions, including Christianity and Buddhism, can bring one to an elevated awareness above and beyond a dualistic conception of reality, or idea of “pairs of opposites,” such as being and non-being, or right and wrong. Indeed, he quotes in the preface of The Hero with a Thousand Faces: "Truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names." which is a translation of the Rig Vedic saying "Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanthi."

Campbell was fascinated with what he viewed as basic, universal truths, expressed in different manifestations across different cultures. For example, in the preface of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he indicated that a goal of his was to demonstrate similarities between Eastern and Western religions. In his four-volume series of books "The Masks of God", Campbell tried to summarize the main spiritual threads common throughout the world. Tied in with this, was his idea that many of the belief systems of the world which expressed these universal truths had a common geographic ancestry, starting off on the fertile grasslands of Europe in the Bronze Age and moving to the Levant and the "Fertile Crescent" of Mesopotamia and back to Europe (and the Far East), where it was mixed with the newly emerging Indo-European (Aryan) culture.
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